When you move…

your life themes change.

A blog about relocation astrology

by David Muir

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Charts at polar latitudes

I, personally, don’t believe in the Equal House System for purposes of ‘normal’ astrology. (It is really good for harmonics when doing vibrational astrology, as harmonic charts are not ‘real’ charts but methods to see aspects between planets (say, 7th harmonic aspects) that we wouldn’t be able to see on an ordinary chart. For my […]

Trade-offs, part 3

If you look at my last two posts, where I discuss the trade-offs of living in one location over another, you’ll notice I referred to four locations, two of which haven’t been covered yet. As I do this, I hope you’re understanding that if you have a reading done, you should be cognizant of the […]

Trade-offs (part 2)

Referring back to Saturday’s post, in this post I’m going to discuss some locations I have lived in, live in now, and are thinking, based on circumstances or observation, that I might like to live in, in the future. These locations are: Pittsburgh, PA (where I lived from 1988-2016), Denver, CO (where I have lived […]

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